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Suzhou lvming laser equipment co., LTD is a professional research, development and production of industrial laser equipment modernized enterprise. The company is located in a beautiful environment of suzhou wuzhong district hengjing, with a high-quality research and development, production, sales and service team, the backbone of the team personnel have excellent professional knowledge, and constantly absorbing international advanced technology and design concept, application of modern industrial laser equipment, make our products always in the leading position in the market.
As the Yangtze river delta region's most influential and competitiveness of laser equipment manufacturing enterprises, we have a semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine and other products series, all products are designed according to the requirements of different application range of the highest. We in addition to provide users with the standard products, can also provide users with special solutions, special production. Products are widely used in IT, electronics, communications, machinery, hardware, packaging, shoe leather, light industrial products, jewelry, glasses, integrated circuits, anti-counterfeiting technology, craft gifts, plastic mold, medical equipment and other industries.
The company has always attached importance to modern scientific management, established a perfect quality management system, in strict accordance with the international standards organization production state is "law of Ming laser" products quality guarantee.
lvming laser will, as always, to the same high standards for themselves, make full use of profound professional knowledge and management experience, continuous development, the development of new products to provide first-class laser processing field solution! Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products and best service!