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Fiber laser cutting machine dual-drive
Specifications :
Note :
Metal cutting - fiber laser cutting machine dual-drive
Metal cutting machine

Technical Parameters

Processing format     3000 * 1500mm 4000 * 2000mm 6000 * 2000mm
 X-axis travel     1525mm 2020mm 2020mm
 Y-axis travel     3025mm 4030mm 6030mm
 Z-axis travel     100mm 120mm 120mm
 X / Y axis positioning accuracy of     ± 0.02mm
 X / Y axis repeat positioning accuracy of     ± 0.02mm
 The maximum acceleration of     0.8G
 Table largest truck     750kg 1600kg 2400kg
 Cutting thickness     ≤6mm
 Laser power     500W
 Red surface reference locations
 Power supply     380V / 50HZ
 Total power consumption     ≤8kw

Product advantages

1. Laser Germany IPG, the cutting head by the United States Lasermech key components (min), rack and pinion, lubrication systems are imported brands;

2. The structure of the bed plate welding structure, stable structure can be maintained all year round with no distortion;

3. empty running speed, air shift speeds up 80m / min;

4. The leading cutting process, such as: the 4mm steel minimum cutting diameter of 2mm round, the 5mm steel minimum cutting diameter of 2.5mm circle;

5. The high cutting precision, accuracy error of less than 0.1mm;

6. Advanced perforation pattern, can be quickly perforated slab cutting, cutting to save time;

7. The cutting of good quality, after the cut is complete without secondary processing;

8. The country's top visualization automatically follow the system, can achieve a key calibration automatically follow and so on;

9. easy to operate, CAD graphics can be imported for processing, cutting data can save memory.

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