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Three-dimensional laser cutting machine
Specifications :
Metal cutting
Note :
Laser cutting - a three-dimensional laser cutting machine
Trademark cutting machine

Technical Parameters

 Laser wavelength     1070-1080mm
 Lasers     fiber lasers
 Spatial degrees of freedom     6-axis
 Robot repeat positioning accuracy    ± 0.01mm
 Laser power    1000W 2000W
 Cooling    water cooling
 Maximum load    28kg
 Rated load    14kg
 Maximum development arm    1.6m / 1.8m / 2.0, m
 Installation    set-top type / floor type
 Power supply    380V / 50HZ

Product advantages

1. Imported robot, high precision cutting system repeat positioning accuracy up to ± 0.01mm;

2. Cutting large format, small actual dead;

3. You can select top or floor installation, can be cut according to different thickness, equipped with different power lasers;

4. generated directly after the D cut according to the actual needs of the optional off-line programming software that can read UG, exporting three-dimensional mapping software such SOLIIDWORK Vda, igs, x_t, sldprt, prt, sto, ipt, par formats, modifications track, instead of doing so teach, easy to use.

5. Industrial control concept, modular design, system-wide protection class IP55, the robot is up to protection class IP65, the system is highly integrated, less failure, shock and vibration, anti-dust, no optical adjustment or maintenance;

6. The process of the system and the ease of use, and easy to use.

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