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Metal laser cutting machine
Specifications :
Note :
Metal laser cutting machine
Metal cutting machine

laser working medium

laser wavelength  1064nm
biggest laser power  500-650W
Minimum line width  0.15mm
 Repeat positioning accuracy


Pulse frequency  1-500HZ
 biggest pipe cutting thickness  ≤9mm(Different materials, different cutting thickness
 Effective cutting pipe diameter  10-150mmCan be customized
effective length of cutting steel tubes  100-3000mm Can be customized
Aimed at positioning Red light
machine power consumption  ≤20kw

Power supply



Product advantage
1. Can satisfy the users of round tube, square tube cutting and different line processing;
2. Can cut on the head of multiple different direction, the curve of the diameter of the cylindrical hole, can satisfy the branch pipe axis intersect with the vertical head axis eccentricity and eccentric. In the pipe end of the curve cutting cylindrical end, meet the branch pipe axis intersect with the vertical head axis eccentricity and eccentric, tilt the intersection of conditions.
3. Can cut oblique cutting face in the circular tube department
4. Can cutting and annular competent intersecting line of branch pipe end;
5. Can cut square hole on the pipe type, waist hole;
6. Able to square tube, pipe and other pipe cutting, can in the square tube surface cutting all kinds of graphics;
7. Special pipe connect slag process, to make sure that the lining cutting steel tubes with no residue
Can according to customer need to customize the different requirements of jigs and fixtures


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