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Tube plate laser
Specifications :
cutting machine
Note :
Tube plate laser
LM laser cutting machine

Technical parameters

 Processing wide 3000mm*1500mm 

 The laser power


Cutting carbon steel plate thickness

Cutting stainless steel plate thickness

 Max 6mm

Max 6mm

 Pipe cutting diameter  ∅15mm-∅160mm
 Pipe cutting thickness  0.5mm-6mm
Processing length of circular tube  3000mm
X is the fastest speed  c
X axis stroke  3000mm
X axis positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm
 X axis repeat precision  ±0.02mm
Y axis is the fastest speed  26m/min
Y trip  1500mm
Y axis positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm
Y repeating precision  ±0.02mm
Z axis is the fastest speed  50mm
Power configuration  380v/50Hz

CNC tube fiber board one laser cutting machine adopts modular design, screw, linear guide, ac servo motor driver, with bilateral dust collection system, a one-time processing range of 3 m * 1.5 m. The equipment of advanced design reasonable, solid and reliable, equipment all the key components adopt international and domestic famous brand products, electrical control system adopts laser numerical control system, system integration, high control precision, stable running, can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other metal material.
Idle speed is 26 meters/minute, 0.6 G acceleration, positioning accuracy + / - 0.05 mm, with leapfrog, any side, micro connection, marking, back and power slope, and other functions.
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