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Ordinary laser cutting machine
Specifications :
Fabric, leather, acrylic and so on
Note :
Ordinary laser cutting machine
LM laser cutting machine
The laser wavelength  10.64um
 Laser type  co2 Laser tube/co2Radio frequency laser
 The minimum laser power 60-150W 
Minimum line width 0.15mm 
Repeat positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm
Cutting speed  0-800mm/s
 Processing range optional
The control software  Laser software
Cooling way Constant temperature water
 The machine electricity power consumption  ≤1.25kw
Demand for electricity  AC220V±10%50HZ(60HZ)
Equipment characteristics:
1. Stable mobile processing when mesa, inertia small, processing speed, high precision.
2. High performance subdivision driver circuit, can work stably for a long time.
3. Using DSP digital control technology, to develop the laser power supply.
4. Support to CAD, CORELDRAW software, such as direct output.
5. Support board, acrylic etc. Nonmetal engraving function
6. Support USB, LAN and PC output data.
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