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Automatic welding
Specifications :
Automatic welding
Note :
Welding machine
Laser welding machine
Technical parameters
The laser wavelength  808-1080mm
 Maximum input power 16kw
Work material  Nd?:YAG
 The single pulse energy  70J,0-70J adjustable
 The pulse width  0.1~15ms adjustable
Pulse frequency 1~100Hz adjustable
 Launch Angle  ≦8mard
maximum input power  18kw
 The input power   380v±5%,50HZ±1%
 Cooling way Water cooled
Equipment characteristics:
1. The arbitrary Angle cutting
2. Ordinary cutting function
3. Can automatically select the bad product
4. A variety of graphics positioning cutting at the same time
5. Leading camera visual identification system, to achieve high precision camera positioning cutting function
6. Suitable for back chapter, computer woven label, printed, embroidered clothing, cloth toys, and many other industries
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