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Laser reflow soldering
Specifications :
Welding machine
Note :
Trademark cutting machine
Technical parameters
The laser wavelength 915mm  1064mm 
 The minimum spot  100μmm
 Cooling way Air cooling or water cooling
 positioning  CCP positioning
 Processing wide  70*70mm
Power supply  220(110)V/50(60)HZ/1kva
Equipment characteristics:
1. Use high speed scanning optical components, can realize accurate and repeatable solder joint heating process;
2. PC control, visual operation. High resolution CCD camera, an optional MARK + DXF \ GEBER graphics or template matching, automatic positioning and machining path high jump, more suitable for online processing requirements.
3. With the core technology of the temperature control model, and USES the high precision infrared temperature detector do real-time temperature feedback, to achieve reliable temperature welding processing and solder joint quality monitoring.
4. The optical system fully modular design, motion unit, control system, improve the system stability and maintainability.
5. Non-contact welding, to avoid butt welding point contact stress and pollution, heating speed, small heat affected zone, and is more suitable for lead-free processing is made.
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