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Constant high speed
Specifications :
laser soldering
Note :
Safe, reliable and efficient
Laser soldering


High speed laser soldering profile:
Constant high speed laser soldering system is done by the deflection of the laser rapid welding, the weld material of form a complete set of CCD coaxial positioning system can automatically identify the welding body, specifically for the modern reflow soldering technology cooperate with r&d and production of a selective laser welding, so as to realize the high efficiency, high precision automatic production.
High speed laser soldering features:
1. The coaxial, CCD imaging system can meet the demand of visual positioning, effective guarantee product yield.
2. Using telecentric focus scanning system, ensure the quality of welded beam, to ensure the beam nearly vertical machining.
3. The temperature of the real-time feedback system, can timely control, adjust the temperature of the solder joint, and real-time rendering welding temperature curve, to ensure that the welding yield.
4. The galvanometer wide within 50 * 50 mm coaxial at 4 o 'clock, the CCD camera positioning more accurate.
5. Totally enclosed scientific design structure, which can guarantee the machining parts of air cleanliness, effectively prevent the surface oxidation degree of precision device.
High speed laser soldering areas of application:
High speed laser soldering system with optional welding in modern reflow soldering process, especially for welding solder paste. Can be used in all SMT application areas, compared with the SMT, adopt unique local heating mode, when the welding an original, won't produce heat effect to other components, at the same time can also be applied to the microelectronics field of connector, such as very fine coaxial line and terminal welding, USB wire welding, flexible circuit board FPC or rigid circuit board PCB welding, high precision, TFT LCD screen LCD welding and high frequency transmission lines, etc.
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